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Cozy Cottage Care

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Companionship, conversation and cognitive engagement are the most important social wellness needs for our golden agers. Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center is a cozy "home away from home" space for seniors to spend time socializing, making new friends, engaging in cognitive stimulating activities. There's a lot more but we will save that for a future blog.

While I personally believe the important need that residential care communities provide, there are many middle class households that cannot afford the price of private pay facilities just to access the social life enrichment opportunities. Also, state health regulations do not allow for non residents to participate. Therefore, our loved ones aging in place do not have access to social activities. Also, many seniors who moved from another state to live with or near their families do not qualify for the social activities offered by our communities and/or many do not meet the Medicaid threshold. Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center provides the social wellness service for a fraction of the cost and it is open to all.

Based upon my years of marketing expertise in residential care communities, I've seen many seniors home alone during the day while their loved ones work or go out of town. Loneliness sets in as does boredom and that isolation may lead to dementia onset. That's the main reason I established Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center. I wanted to provide that necessary component of healthy social wellness for our loved ones and for peace of mind for their families.

Our cozy cottage care located at 7332 Highland Road in Baton Rouge, LA is based on 30 years of expertise in working with seniors. We love seniors and it shows! Give us a try! #BonJourLeisureCenter #BatonRouge #CozyCottageCare #SocialClubforSeniors #EarlyDementia #BatonRougeSeniorCare #CompanionshipCare #CognitiveStimulation #BabyBoomers #GoldenAgersHavingFun #SocialWellnessforSeniors

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