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Welcome Friends! 

Greetings from the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana! We are thrilled to extend our warmest welcome to you as you step into the premier Social Wellness Day Club for Golden Agers.

The primary mission of our club is to engage, enrich, and enhance the lives of seniors 65 years and older with nutritious meals, social activities, small group discussions, appreciation of the arts, and the celebration of life as we age.

Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center is for seniors living with mild cognitive impairment due to aging providing a nurturing community focused on enhancing social wellness while participating in cognitive stimulating activities that promote independence. 

We invite you to explore the multitude of opportunities we offer for your loved one to thrive socially while finding peace of mind knowing they are in capable caring hands.

Maria Yiannopoulos Bon Jour Social Owner
"Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center is the perfect place for our beloved golden agers to come together meet new friends engage in activities and find a joyful purpose in their lives."
~ Maria Yiannopoulos

About Us

Maria Yiannopoulos is the owner of Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center, with a years of experience in Business Management and Marketing.


She has a deep understanding of the social needs of seniors, gained through many years of helping seniors and their families access devices for greater independence and promoting life enrichment experiences in residential senior living communities.


Maria's expertise and passion for improving the lives of seniors make her an invaluable asset to families seeking a social wellness experience for their loved ones. 

Welcome to Bon Jour

Meet Jessie Mosby, the Activities Coordinator of Bon Jour Social & Leisure Center. With over 30 years of experience, Jessie has been assisting seniors to achieve a higher quality of life through care, compassion, and life enrichment activities.


Her passion for helping seniors has made her an invaluable member of the Bon Jour team. Jessie's expertise in creating engaging activities has helped seniors to stay active, social, and mentally stimulated. With Jessie's guidance, seniors at Bon Jour can look forward to a fulfilling and enjoyable social day experience.

Picture Yourself  Here
Having Fun!

What Our Members Have to Say 

“This is a great place!
I look forward coming to Bon Jour to spend my day as I'm busy and active."
~ Bill 
Client dancing at party

Benefits of Bon Jour
Social & Leisure Center

For seniors, it's a safe, socially engaging place and for families we offer peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in good hands.


Benefits for Participants

  • Mental stimulation games such as bingo, dominoes, chess, cards, puzzles, etc.

  • Discussion Groups (books, films, current events)

  • Nutritious meals (continental breakfast, lunch, snacks)

  • Karaoke

  • Socialization

  • Supervised Care

  • Holiday and birthday celebrations

  • Stretching and gentle exercises for the Elderly

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Music and Entertainment

  • Grandparents & Grandkids activities

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